“I have seen your works several times and am amazed
at how your attention to detail and texture in material creates the sense of
a peaceful sunset or a view of a lake and mountains. I sometimes like to
examine the art works in very close detail, admiring the many different
pieces of material and sewing patterns. Then I stand back and let the
images and energy of the works sink into my awareness.”

Paul Rosas
San Jose, CA


“Kimberlee’s work is so different from anything I’ve ever seen. Her images are very beautiful, very textural with a three-dimensional quality due to the fabric overlay. Still, many people think they’re watercolor landscapes at first and are so intrigued when they find out there’s more to them.”

Barbara Poole
Art House Gallery, owner
Pacific Grove, CA


"They're all so spectacular - once again I'm stunned! Judging them is almost like smelling so many wonderful perfumes that you can no longer be discerning." 

Carol Foote
Soquel, CA


“Kimberlee paints serene landscapes with beautifully blended hand died textiles, that take you away to foggy coastal hills, or fiery valley sunsets! They are truly unique and deserve to stand beside those from the brush!” 

Kim May-Moore, San Ramon, CA


“…invites the viewer into one interesting terrain after another, rich in subtle earthen tones or bright splashes of sunset oranges and ochres, vibrant lavenders and washes of azure blue.”

Tarmo Hannula, Register-Pajaronian


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