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Painting fabric, at least the way I do it, is a bit of a project. I need to paint outside because my studio is too small and I do not want to mix up the mess of paints with the works I'm creating. It would be a disaster. Each process must be kept separate. Outside, I need to set up my canopy (one of those big white tents you see at art shows). I need to be shaded while I paint. The paints dry too quickly in the sun, not allowing enough time for them to spread which is what I love about these water-based fabric paints. I never know what they are going to do. The colors move and blend unpredictably. It's fascinating.

It has been awhile since I've painted. All the wet (wonderfully wet!) weather we've had this year kept me from painting. So I got the tent up, the folding tables set out and the hose with a sprayer attached in place ... and then more rain came! That's fine. I still have tons of fabric. It can rain and rain and rain.

But I look for inspiration. As usual, I look for it in nature. I peruse photos, I hike around our land. There are wildflowers coming up everywhere now. And the moss is growing like small forests on the trees. New vegetation is fresh and bright. Here is a manzanita putting out new leaves - and they are bright orange!

Manzanita, new growth

Below is Redbud in bloom, behind which are deciduous oak trees now clothed in brilliant green leaves. Behind that are pine trees- the silvery gray pines and deep green ponderosas.

Redbud in Bloom

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