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Sometimes just getting up close can reveal the most interesting patterns. I rarely see my husband, Chris, taking pictures of people, not even of me. Sometimes a nice view causes him to whip out the camera but what I most often see him pointing it at are the things no one else seems to notice. Fortunately, I love this stuff, too, and so together we admire the moss on a tree trunk, a pile of rocks or the edges of a puddle and such things. I suppose Chris could find a close up of a person's skin, hair or eyes also fascinating but, alas, he's not that gregarious.

Rocks and mud on the shores of Lake Tahoe:


Manzanita bark and moss:

Madrone Bark

Redbud leaves in the fall:

Redbud Leaves

Inspiring images can come from unsuspecting places:

Frog and his Skin2

Zucchini skin:

Zuchini skin2

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